I started DP Custom Guitars to provide the craftsmanship of handmade, solid hardwood electric guitars and basses at an affordable price. I use only select hardwoods and exotic woods; no plywood or cheaper substitutes are ever used!

Each instrument is hand crafted; I have no "mass production" lines cranking out bodies and necks. This ensures that every one receives the attention necessary to make it a good looking instrument as well as a great sounding one. I also do not source pre-made necks , fretboards, or bodies from others.

But that doesn't mean my guitars and basses are priced out of the reach of ordinary people! I try hard to maintain affordability in my product so that everyone can enjoy them. For that reason alone you will find my guitars and basses priced hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars below other handcrafted instruments. That doesn't mean they're worth less; it just means I value putting one in your hands more than making as much money as I can!

I also believe that a guitar or bass should sound as good as it looks. My instruments are specially constructed to provide a fuller bodied tone and great playability, along with the unmatched beauty of natural solid wood.

cocobolo fretless bass


  • real hardwood body and neck
  • neck through body construction for superior tone and sustain
  • multi-piece necks standard for best strength and stability
  • necks are reinforced with carbon-fiber rods
  • exotic hardwood fretboards available
  • 13.5 tilt-back headstock, eliminating troublesome string tees
  • 24 frets standard... a full two octaves !
  • basses offered with choice of scale length (34" standard for 4 string, 35" standard for 5 and higher; others available)
  • sealed enclosed tuners standard
  • Bartolini thin singlecoil soapbar pickups standard
  • choice of black, chrome, or gold hardware
  • "straight pull" headstock design for smooth tuning
  • choice of select body hardwoods *
  • wooden trussrod and control cavity covers

(* exotic woods like zebrawood, wenge, lacewood, cocobolo, claro walnut, figured maple, padauk, ebony, bubinga, and purpleheart available at additional cost)



I offer a number of extras to customize your instrument to your playing style, including optional name brand pickups and EQ/Preamps, like:

Custom body shapes are also possible to help you get that special guitar or bass! Just provide me with a sketch and I can provide a price estimate. (Please, no copies of another maker's work!).


Any questions not answered on the website? (be sure to check out the FAQ page!):

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